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Errors and troubleshooting

Error codes

Please check out the following link:

Please let me know if it isn't avaliable (mail).


Sometimes a simple reset of the TS12 is sufficient. After installing sample- or sequencer-ram the TS12 needs a reset to identify the new components. Please backup the internal sounds, presets and sequences for the internal memory will be cleaned after the reset.

Press and hold the preset-button

press the softbutton 1 (Display on the upper left)

now the display shows: "ERASE ALL MEMORY AND RE-INITIALIZE"

press "Yes"

Now the TS12 is resetted in its initial conditions.

Key clacks:

The keyboard of the TS12 is a standard-keyboard of Fatar with hammer-weighted action. These hammers have a limit stop ("Anschlag"), wich knocks against a padded flat rod, to prevent the hammer knocking against the key. Played with to much force these limit stops break away. To repair the keybord the hammer has to be replaced. This means, that the keyboard has to be dismantled and all keys must be removed. After that, the bracket with the hammers must be screwed off. All hammers and all brackets are bead on an axle. Now, the axle is pulled out until the hammers come loose. Now, you can replace the defective hammer and bead hammers and brackets on the axle. Because the hammers of white and black keys are different, the right order must be maintained. Beading hammers and brackets is not trivial, because the red felt, in wich the axle is layered sometimes refuses to stay in its place.

Key / Hammer (animated gif, 292 kB)

Alternativly, if you dont have a surrogate-hammer, or if you dont want to remove all keys, you can put a pad on the upper side of the defective hammer to damp the kick of the hammer against the key. For this purpose appertains handle bar tape.
The clacking doesnt influence the functionality of the keyboard. Til now, I've replaced about 20 hammers, all hammers of white keys.

Vorschau Ensoniq TS12 Hammer

enlarge image

Key is sluggish or clamps:

Probably, the key has got a sidewise shock. Under the keys are upright thorns. This thorn is a part of the plate frame of the keyboard, and is covered with rubber. If this thorn ist twisted, the key will clamb. Remove keyboard, remove key, straighten thorn.

Key gives everytime maximum velocity:

Underneath the key are two contacts. Pressing the key they, close one after the other. The velocity is calculated form the time between this two switches. If the first contact is draggled, the closing of the second contact is the first event and the velocity is given as maximum. The switches are composed of two parts. On the circuit board are conducting paths, wich are conducted with electroconductive rubber nubs . Cleaning the rubber will not always help, but replacing the rubber will do. The rubber can be requested at Fatar, Italy.

Vorschau Gummis

enlarge image

TS12 doesnt react on any knob of the panel:

Maybe the interface between keyboard and motherboard is defekt (this is very very bad), or the cables between motherboard and interface aren't plugged properbly.
The Interface isn't any longer avaliable

Floppy disc drive reads correctly but doesnt write, copy and format:

The Floppy drive is missadjusted. A standard PC-floppy drive won't work. Special floppy drives are still avaliable,

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